All-inclusive hygiene for the win.

Email validation by itself is not enough you must identify valid contacts and remove malicious ones. 



All-in-one Platform

Complete threat detection and validation service, made simple.
Threat Removal
Removes bots, seeds, zombies, malicious contacts, and more.
Deliverability Detection
Returns “Plain English” insights into the mailability of your contacts.
Contact Validation
Performs multiple checks to ensure that your contact’s identity is valid.

Completely Worry-free

Rest easy, we have all the bases covered.
Famously Accurate
List hygiene only works when it’s accurate. That’s why identity up to 99.9% of bad and risky addresses.
Ultra Secure
Two-way encryption on top of the world’s most secure data delivery network.
Easy to Use
Know what’s bad, risky, or good at a glance. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the nitty-gritty details too
Beyond Compliant
Built from the ground up to be GDPR compliant. 

More for Your Money

Get free credits to start and free list health checks for life. 
Free Health Checks
Check the health and validity of any email list—before you pay.
Free Credits
All new customers receive 250 free credits just for signing up, start here.




Try Alfred for yourself!

Sign up today and you’ll get plenty of free credits to start then get free list health evaluations for life. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

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