[New Features] Manage Your Team and Resources Effortlessly

We are thrilled to announce a major update to Alfred that will transform how you manage your team and resources.

Introducing Parent Users & Simplified Registration Process

Existing users will now be designated as Parent Users. Parent Users have additional privileges, including managing team members and overseeing credit usage within the organization.

Every new Alfred registration will automatically create an organization, with the registered user becoming the Parent User of that organization. This streamlined process ensures new users are immediately set up with the necessary permissions to manage their team.

Effortless User Management

Parent Users will have a dedicated tab within the Alfred application where they can easily add new users to their organization.

Streamlined User Registration

This intuitive interface simplifies expanding your team and ensures all members are set up and ready to contribute.

We are also excited to announce an upcoming feature that will make team expansion more convenient. Parent Users will soon be able to generate shareable registration links. Any user who registers via these links will automatically be added as a Child User to the Parent User’s organization. This feature is designed to simplify the onboarding process, allowing you to grow your team quickly and efficiently.

Centralized Credit System

All credits will now be managed at the Parent User, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently across your team. This centralized system allows for a more cohesive and collaborative workflow, ensuring everyone has access to the credits they need without the hassle of individual allocations.

Comprehensive Billing Control

To maintain a clear oversight of expenditures, only Parent Users will have access to the billing section. This ensures that all financial aspects are managed securely and transparently, providing peace of mind for your organization’s administrators.

Why This Matters

Our goal with this update is to provide a more structured and efficient way for teams to collaborate and manage their resources. By centralizing credit management and simplifying user administration, Alfred is better equipped to support organizations of all sizes.

We believe these changes will significantly enhance your experience, making it easier to focus on what matters most—leveraging Alfred to drive your success.

Minor Updates

Sorting Your Lists

You can now Sort by any column in the List view on the Dashboard

“Deliverability Estimate” to “Bounce Estimate”

For clarity, we’ve changed “Deliverability Estimate” to “Bounce Estimate” when Evaluating a list.

Evaluating a List

Evaluating a List is not necessary before running Hygiene. You can go straight to the Hygiene process!

ℹ️ In keeping up with the best possible standards for making sure your Lists will hit the inbox, we have re-evaluated emails that would score a 6 with the reason “Unavailable SMTP” to now score a 4 for the reason “DNS Error”. Send to these addresses with great caution!

Existing But Exciting

Job Types

We can run three types of jobs for you: Deliverability Check, Threat Detection, or Deliverability + Threat Detection.

API Service

Alfred has an easy-to-configure API to process bulk detection services using your method of choice! You can find the documentation here: https://docs.alfred.email/

Stay tuned for more updates and features designed to help you get the most out of Alfred. As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to support you every step of the way. 

Thank you for choosing Alfred!